yuu 1st birthday


Together with you Singapore, we celebrated yuu 1st birthday with 1.4 million members and bring yuuโ€™s brand promise of โ€œMore Rewards. More Places. Faster.โ€ to life.

As part of yuu 1st birthday, yuu was bringing onboard new partners and a seemingly unending list of birthday rewards.


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  • yuu 1st birthday


OOH / Activation Won a ๐Ÿ† Silver in Markies Most Creative OOH


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You sing, yuu rewards

A simple game to invite the nation to sing along with yuu and celebrate our birthday with us

Media Kit

Shaped like the yuu blurb, the cake immediately brings the brand to the mind while building recall with the KVs. The seemingly innocuous 1candle hides a surprise, as rewards endlessly stream out once KOLs blow it out and remove it.