Eunice Pang / Art Director

As One United People


As part of Forward Singapore, Singaporeans are asked about what they envision for their future and how they can strengthen the social compact and build a better future for all. 

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) is tasked with opening a nationwide dialogue based on the pillar of Unite. “Unite" focuses on our sense of belonging, our commitment to citizenship and our mutual responsibility towards one another.

An integrated campaign that kicks off with a manifesto film, accompanied by profile-driven social media and an island-wide roving roadshow.


  • Ministry of Culture, Community, Youth (MCCY)


  • As One United People


  • TV, Roadshow, Social



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We based this idea on research that has shown that “similarities increase likes”, so we devised a way for people to find out if they have shared experiences over a tea. This idea is to create a vending machine that dispenses tea but only if you show unity, hence its moniker.

Unity Bridge

A single thread is weak but woven together becomes the strength to build our Unity Bridge.

Portraits of Unity

More than a photo booth, your portrait helps to form the “Face of a Nation”.

Places of Unity

Be inspired by uniquely Singaporean places, and contribute to the things and moments that give us our Singaporean identity.