Eunice Pang / Art Director



To launch Nicorette in the Thailand & Phillipines market.


98% of the smokers are convinced to quit. However, only 13% of the dissonant smokers are using Nicorette to quit. Most smokers rely on motivation and tend to go cold turkey when quitting. But it's often not successful as their cravings overpowers their willpower.

So how do we present Nicorette as an option for Smokers?


Quitting is Possible with Nicorette.

By identifying the different types of Smokers and their lifestyle goals we are able then able to convince them that Nicorette helps to boost their willpower to quit smoking. Lifestage Switcher – To see my daughter take on the world

Lifestyle Changer – To be the best person I know I can be

At-risk Intender – To not be defined by my genes or habits Late Adopter – To say 'I do' again to the person I love

Big ideas that didn’t make it to the main stage. :p